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Something beyond comprehension is happening to the children on this street, in this school of mutants. One group of kids has taken it upon themselves as a last resort to try and stop it. Those kids are: The New Mutants.

Kim tries to convince everyone that she really is a mutant able to talk to the dead. Nobody believes her and the New Mutants and Dani try to sort things out. Before they are able, the ghost switches off the Danger Room’s safety protocols and activates a simulation of Magneto. The group has the most difficulties in defeating him, but luckily Shan arrives just in time and switches the Danger Room off again. The New Mutants get a check-up to make sure they are fine and go to dinner. Cyclops and Emma Frost promise the team they’ll try to solve things. At dinner, Laurie is scared of the ghost, so Josh offers to take her to dinner off campus. Laurie finds that to be a terrific idea and offers Josh to join her on her weekly dinner with her mom. Kevin approaches Laurie to make sure she’s fine. Josh is offended by that and a fight almost breaks out between him and Kevin. But then, the kids’ dinner table disappears and, all of a sudden, drops out of the air! Julian, who was also at the cafeteria, is labeled primary suspect, though the young troublemaker claims to have nothing to do with it. Later, the New Mutants realize that the ghost must be a former student who has died when Magneto destroyed the school. That would also explain the choice of his simulation in the Danger Room. David uses the school computer to find data about all the students who didn’t return to the school after it was rebuilt and a list of all current students. So Noriko suggests to go to the cemetery behind the school and check headstones against names. Meanwhile, Kevin gets called to Emma Frost’s office and she wants him to talk to a specialized therapist. Dani, Rahne and Shan gather and Dani realizes who the ghost is. Josh and Laurie leave on their date. Later, the rest of the New Mutants go to the cemetery and find the ghost, who only tells them to “leave now while you can” and then teleports all of them away!

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