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"HAUNTED" PART 1 (OF 3) Someone…or something…is haunting the halls of the Xavier Institute, and it’s up to the New X-Men to get to the bottom of it! Plus, what is the secret of Prodigy’s younger sister?

David’s younger sister, Kim, arrives at Xavier’s to visit her brother. David first introduces Kim to the rest of his New Mutants squad, and next gives her a tour around the school and its many classes. Kim is very impressed and a little jealous as well, because she thinks that her school is boring compared to Xavier’s. Meanwhile, weird things are happening around the Institute. It begins with Icarus. While preparing for gym, his picture of his lost love Julia starts to crack, and he didn’t even touch it! He freaks out and sulks about it. Surge notices that and talks to him, but they only end up in an argument that Jay once tried to kill himself because he thought he had lost everything. Noriko, upset hearing that, knows that isn’t true, because Jay still has a family that loves him, and runs away to her room. There, she tries to contact her parents again and phones them, but her father doesn’t believe that it’s really Noriko calling them and hangs up on her. Noriko gets even more upset and stays in the room. After a while, Jay enters to apologize, and they both find Noriko’s room trashed! But Nori didn’t trash it, and neither did her roommate. At the lab, Wither and Wall Flower find a beaker smashed, and later a threatening message gets written on the blackboard, to “leave now.” Some time later, the New Mutants begin their Danger Room session and Kim gets to watch. Some of the squad members panic, but David suspects that it’s all just a prank of Julians. After a successful training session, Noriko doesn’t feel well after an overload of her powers. Dani goes to check on her and Kim has to stay behind in the observation deck. A ghost appears next to her and, after feeling that Kim is different, it warns Kim to get out of the place while she can and then disappears. Overjoyed, Kim rushes to Dani and the New Mutants, telling them that she has just found out that she is a mutant!
Trivia: This issue marks the first appearance of popular New X-men Trance (in a cameo) and Indra.

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