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The battle over the fate of young Kevin Ford turns explosive as the New Mutants go head-to-head with the Hellions! Loyalties betrayed! New alliances formed! And a new romance that doesn’t quite fit under school policy…

Icarus informs the New Mutants about the Hellions’ plan to break out Kevin Ford and adds that Wind Dancer went with them. The team decides to fight the Hellions and Elixir asks Wolfsbane to join them. When she refuses, he asks her to keep quiet about this. The team confronts the Hellions outside the station in Salem Center, moments before the Hellions can free Kevin. The two teams fight and Prodigy confronts Wind Dancer about the leadership issue. They come to terms with it and Sofia rejoins her team. With the added muscle and David’s talent for strategy, they win. In the meantime, Cyclops, Emma and Rahne have arrived, as Rahne did tell the others, while inside the station Dani is distracting the agents. Cyclops takes them back to school commending the New Mutants for trying to stop the other team but chiding them for taking things into their own hands instead of telling the X-Men. Two weeks later, charges are dismissed against Kevin and he is allowed to return to school. However, after witnessing the battle, he feels the Hellions are his true friends and wishes to be reassigned to their team. As a result, Icarus takes the empty spot on the New Mutants team. Surge makes some tentative peace with her roommate, Dust, Prodigy and Wind Dancer decide to be co-leaders and, after Elixir confronts Wolfsbane over betraying the New Mutants, they kiss.

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