kadosho's New X-Men #40 - Quest for Magik, Part 3 of 4; Endangered Species, Chapter 4 review

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from the depths, an awakeining

I picked up this ish, out of sheer curiousity. Sure I'm trying to keep up with Endangered Species. But alot of the X-men titles are really diggin into their roots lately. And its a nice surprise, these story arc's work. I didnt get into the Magik mini-series thats going on right now, but if you pick this up, you already know whats going on. Which is a nice sensation, and it doesnt take you by the hand, it actually takes you by the throat.

Now the mini-ES chapter, "Neverland" wonder what this could mean. Cure? or another sacrifice? anything is possible, and its Beast's last playing piece.

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