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It’s Field Day at the Xavier Institute! As the New Mutants and the Hellions battle for bragging rights, a long shadow from one of their pasts falls over the Xavier Institute! 
As the Field Day exercise continues, Sofia tries to fly over Santo, who is blocking the way into the hedge maze. Julian blocks the way above with his telekinesis by putting up an invisible wall, and he and Sofia end up in a battle of wills, distracting Sofia from the task at hand. After a bit of urging, David comes up with a plan, but Brian uses his powers on him, making the others all run away from him. Josh, Laurie, and Kevin make it to the other side of the hedge maze and proceed with the plan to use Kevin’s power to wither a path through the hedge wall. David goes after Nori and helps her out as she used her entire charge to escape. As Jay arrives to where the object is hidden, Kevin, Laurie, and Josh make it through the wall and see that there is a live dragon at the center. Kevin decides to use his power on the dragon, but Josh stops him. Laurie tries to use her pheromones, but before she has a chance, Jay uses his special singing voice to calm the dragon. After a quick conference over Brian’s use of his powers, the Hellions are announced as the winners, and Josh goes off on Sofia for her lack of strategy in leading them. Josh and Nori both suggest that David take over leadership, but David tells them that he stands by Sofia. Later, Laurie finds Sofia crying in their room and decides to go have a talk with Josh about it. Cessily finds Kevin working on his industrial art and they talk for a while, and Cessily shows him that, because she is made of mercury, he can touch her without hurting her. Unfortunately, that isn’t the touch he was looking for. Outside, Josh plays basketball with Victor until he spots Rahne and tries to get her to go out with him again, but when she says no, he spots Laurie. She asks if they can talk about the Sofia thing, and he agrees and invites her to go out for dinner with him on a date, which makes both Rahne and Kevin jealous. Kevin joins Cessily to dinner in the cafeteria, and after a quick talk, Julian agrees to let him sit with them. Nearby, Sofia expresses her fears to David that the squad is angry with her, and he does his best to make her feel better, though to little success. Dani is upset that Kevin doesn’t seem to be taking to the rest of her kids, and Emma takes the opportunity to tell Dani that it is her fault. And just to make things perfect, Agent Justin Pierce arrives to arrest Kevin Ford for the murder of his father…

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