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The Facility turned X-23's childhood into a blood-stained nightmare and now they're gunning for the New X-Men. How far will the team go to save one of their teammates, and once they've crossed over into X-23's violent world, is there any coming back? The kids will never look at X-23 the same again as the fallout from X-23: TARGET X continues here. Part 2 (of 4)!

Following a brief scuffle with Kimura and troops from the Facility, Mercury is captured and taken to their east coast headquarters for study. X-23 returns to the Xavier Institute and prepares to track down those who kidnapped Cessily. She is joined by Hellion who is determined to help save his friend. At the Facility, Dr. Harkins and Kimura watch as a creature they have created seeming devours the mutant known as Mammomax. They then turn their attention to studying the effects of high voltage electricity on Mercury’s liquid metal form. Hellion and X-23 confront some of the mercenary soldiers who helped abduct Mercury. Hellion is appalled when X-23 kills one of the men and insists that they rescue Cessily without further bloodshed. Cessily warns her captors that her friends will come for her, a boast that the now deceased Mammomax made as well.

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