englentine's New X-Men #33 - Mercury Falling (part 1 of 4) review

New X-Men # 33

 Wow, that is one very blue cover.  Thankfully, for the interiors they found other colors. The art however is kind of wonky though, so maybe coloring everything blue, would have been an improvement. The story is good. It is like the X-men rule, if you have a big story, always follow it up with an issue of pure dialogue.
  I think they should have made the dialogue interesting however. It probably would have improved things ten fold. I like the parts of the story, that makes it actually sem like students at a school. I still think there is room for a title like that. If i remember correctly, this title started like that. Too bad it did not continue, because books like this, do not inspire me to pick the title up.


something is wrong with the star part of the review. I hit only 21/2 stars.

Posted by dmstarz

Actually, I'm having the same problem - books I thougth were poor are coming up with 4 or 5 stars - I'll put it up on the bug reporting thread.

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