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House of M Tie-In!

It’s the New X-Mutants vs. Hellions, House of M style! The brawl to end all brawls erupts in Japan as the two schools go toe-to-toe. But when the dust settles, will the victor have enough strength to take on Emperor Sunfire’s entire army? Part 4 (of 4)!

While Dr. Garrison deals with the threat of exposure posed by Xi’an Coy Manh and Doug Ramsey, his daughter Laurie uses her pheromones to disrupt the New Mutants’ and Hellions’ joint efforts to dismantle Project: Genesis in Japan. The evil schemes of both father and daughter are halted by the respective mutants they sought to destroy. Both of the emotion-manipulating Garrisons are killed in the resulting struggles. The Hellions and New Mutants manage to dismantle Project: Genesis and free its helpless victims. They then engage in a hopeless battle against Emperor Sunfire and his forces to enable their teammate Magik to expose the entire operation to the world and rescue the humans the program sought to exploit.

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