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House of M tie-in!

"HOUSE DIVIDED" Part 1 (Of 4)

When orders come down that a leader of the human resistance in Japan must be assassinated, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s highly trained Hellions squad is called in to do it. But when a team of future mutant leaders called the New Mutants find out about this, they must intervene to put an end to a guaranteed disaster of global portions!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the altered reality of the HOUSE OF M, the New Mutants and Hellions are still rivals! The New Mutant Leadership Institute trains the leaders and diplomats of the future while the Hellions are SHIELD’s elite training squad. When terrorists from Japan attack the Leadership Institute the Hellions must save their rivals from certain death. But not all the Hellions and New Mutants share the animosity of their peers. David Alleyne and Noriko Ashida are secretly in love. When the Hellions are assigned to track the terrorists back to Japan, Noriko is bumped from the mission when it is revealed that her sapien father is the leader of the terrorists they are hunting down. Desperate to save her father from certain death, Surge asks for help from David and his friends at the Leadership Institute. David agrees to help his girlfriend, but his friends refuse to tag along. David’s classmate and friend, Laurie Garrison reports all this to her father, Dr. Sean Garrison. He urges Laurie to go along with David. Laurie’s classmate, Quentin Quire telepathically learns of her and her father’s plans. In order to protect their secret agenda as SHIELD agents, Laurie uses her pheromones to force Quentin into a suicidal depression and the powerful telepath mentally kills himself!

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