jaadu's New X-Men #150 - Phoenix Invictus review

Jean dies....... AGAIN!!

Okay this issue was another emotional issue and the death of Jean again.. as the x-men are fighting (basically a death battle) with Magneto, Jean becomes the Phoenix....... as the fight is ending, she slowly is dying and says the most emotional thing to Cyclops... I think it was like Scott I've left you too many times and said something like he should find someone else to love.... OMG that made me wanna cry! lol she loves him soo much that she wants him to find someone who can give him love and take care of him while he's gone....... YEAH that kinda worked out easily when Emma jumped in to his arms in 2 secs (lol i mean yeah cyclops should deff look for love, but dude he should at least have let time pass by and at least look around for other ppl, but WHATEVER!)

the messed up part was by the end, 150 years later, when the Phoenix egg was discovered!


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