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"YEAR’S END" The Blob has set his sights on Xavier’s, and it’s up to the New Mutants and the Hellions to stop their bickering and fight as one! But when the dust settles, will there even be any New X-Men left? Part 2 (of 2).  

After giving the Hellions their award for wining this year’s Field Day, the Xavier Institute is attacked by a rampaging Blob! Meanwhile, Shan meets up with Rahne in District X’ Mutant Town, and asks her to consider to coming back to Xavier’s, since Shan can’t handle so many squads. However, Rahne thinks she’s of more value to Madrox’ X-Factor detective agency, which she is now a member of, since a lot of desperate people hire their services, like today. They say goodbye, and Shan returns to the Institute alone. There, the New Mutants, the Hellions and the Stepford Cuckoos combine their several powers to bring the Blob down. The plan eventually works, and the Blob is arrested and apprehended by SHIELD. Recovering from the battle, Magma agrees to become part of the faculty staff next semester. Laurie makes up with her mom, and Sofia and Julian spend some time together talking. Noriko confronts David about his dream sequence in which they were married, and asks him to get over it, because it is driving her insane. Josh wants to talk things out with David, but he doesn’t want to discuss it now. Josh wants to, since they are going to be in the same squad next semester, but David tells Josh to look in front of himself. They take a look at everyone walking their separate ways, and David fears that the New Mutants… are finished!

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