jaadu's New X-Men #133 - Dust review

Dust "dusts" her way in :P

This issue was pretty unique from the average x-men issue..... The x-men go to Afghanistan to rescue a mutant with a very powerful power... to manifest dust and become dust...... and her power is pretty strong bc she can kill ppl if she wanted to.... but she is very innocent, and thanks to the x-men, she was saved and taking back to the Xavier Institute.

This issue was deff a likable issue, bc there really wasnt any boring spots, and the comic debuted a new and mysterious character-- Dust

---- This comment has nothing to do with the storyline,but with the art.. OKAY DUST has green eyes in the front cover, so I conceive her as having very cool, glittering eyes that stick out bc she wears all black, but in yet in the rest of her issues she has brown eyes! Gah i hate when artists do that! well when i draw her i give her green eyes, it looks cooler :) !

anyways good issue go read it, it's worth it!


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