razzatazz's New X-Men #121 - Silence: Psychic Rescue In Progress review

Building Bridges

Gimmicks anywhere that they are used in fiction are tricky things to deal with.   If you let the gimmick become the focus then the message is lost.   If the message becomes the focus, then the gimmick becomes unnecessary.   In this issue there is such a gimmick, that being that Emma and Jean are trying to rescue Charles’ mind, and to do so they require absolute silence.   They transcend with their own telepathy into his mind, unsure of what they will encounter there.   In so doing the two characters reveal fundamental aspects of their characters which demonstrate that they can work together but that they are not similar in how they do what they do.    The “world within the mind” concept is one which is relatively popular in cinema these days (with the likes of Inception of the Martrix) but the presentation here though short is quite well handled, balancing the gimmick perfectly against the plot.   

Posted by SC

Awwh you liked that much? Does this give me extra points when recommending books now... *smile*

Posted by RazzaTazz
@SC: No not really, I had to have my objective lenses on for this story arc
Posted by SC
@RazzaTazz:  isn't that a good thing? Oh awwh, do you mean, because its X-Men, on any other day you would have scored it low? 

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