kfhrfdu_89_76k's New X-Men #119 - Germ Free Generation Part Two review

More stuff happens.

Well, when I opened this ish`s story for the first time, I felt disappointed. Last issue had been full of Ethan Van Scivers art, this one...not so much. Igor Kordeys art looks very poor in comparison. Now, I actually appreciate it too, as something different. He isn`t afraid to make the characters look a bit ugly, ruggid or ordinary, and his art looks rough. He still has characters "act" properly, which is something that a comic artist should (obviously) do.

It`s very different from rest of the art in the series. It`s not fantastic, but pretty good, actually. At least, I think so. Frankly, many hate his style. Many deem it oversexualised (I did too, at first, because of my foolishness), because of how he portrays Emma Frost. She`s in pornographic poses (which in a way, fits to the character). Now I think, that it`s actually an individual artists vision of the character, because she`s the only person in the comic portrayed thusly. It`s cool.

What about the writing then? Well, it hasn`t decreased in quality, at all. There`s still all those things I love about the series, and also a few plot developments, and a cliffhanger (almost every issue written by Morrison has a cliffhanger, which is awesome).

Coloring is good, but looks different with a different artist, and lettering is okay.

All in all, the quality of the issue isn`t as topnotch as it was in the last ish, but the series still delivers.


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