kfhrfdu_89_76k's New X-Men #118 - Germ Free Generation Part One review

Germ free review. I`m finally continuing the reviewing project that I decided to undertake.

Bit of the plot.

Cool, crazy stuff happens.

My thoughts about this sheerly magnificent issue.

The art chores were done by Ethan Van Sciver of the 21. century and three great inkers, which should tell you quite enough of the quality of the art.

The writing is still done by Grant Morrison, which should tell you enough about the quality of the rest of the ish.

Gah! I can`t leave it at that. I wish I would, though, because what else can I say? This simply happens to be so fantastic. The writing`s riveting, art is highly (a bit too much so) detailed, realistic and gets alotta space, many things happen in one 22-page issue thanks to the pacing, there`s imaginative mutants, cool characters, a crazy cult (this is its second appearance), social commentary in large scale, a little bit of humor...I love this series.

I like the coloring too.

Lettering is okay.


You should probably get this.


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