kfhrfdu_89_76k's New X-Men #117 - Danger Rooms review

Vomiting on a soul, dialogue, fantastic art and ominous foreshadowing.

This is, like all the other ones, one of the best issues in the series. The first issue pencilled by Ethan Van Sciver, in what he draws what he draws best. Nightmarish, highly detailed cool things. For example, imaginative looking mutants, a Shi`ar-space ship, a menacing expression etc. He also draws beautiful stuff: bit of a forest, pretty faces, a deer and so forth. So...outstanding art.

Fun fact: No, I`m not kidding, it is outstanding.

That`s The Beak, by the way, if you`re not familiar with him yet. I like him. This is his debut issue.

The writing, by Morrison, is fantastic. But you already knew that*.

Great (and not so great, for the characters) things that happen in this ish:

-Wolverine/Grant Morrison explains something obvious about Jeans and Wolverines relationship.

-We find out a psychological dilemma that Beast struggles with.

-A woman dumps Beast, for a pretty unique reason. Well, I don`t know if it`s unique, but I haven`t read something like that somewhere before.

-A secret is rendered a non-secret.

-The story has a cool name.

-The villain.

-Mostly focuses on Beast.

The lettering is okay. At one part, it`s great.

I applaud for the coloring.

Some unpleasant things about this ish:

-That scene that has Beast getting his ass kicked.

-The villain.

-I really don`t like the way that Emmas diamond form is presented in.

So...pretty much a perfect issue. I`ll give it a 4,5/5 (even if the score on the upper corner states otherwise, but that`s not my fault).

*Or maybe you refuse to acknowledge it.


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