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In this issue, the team battles against Cassandra Nova and gets a new team member!

Beast and Jean find Emma Frost amidst the death and destruction in Genosha. She seems unhurt and she’s developed a diamond hard outer layer of skin. The X-Men wonder what to do with their prisoner Cassandra Nova, the woman behind the Genoshan carnage. They learn that Cassandra’s a new kind of living being on Earth and she wants to destroy mutantkind so her species can dominate. Soon humanity will die out, leaving only mutants and people like her in existence. Cassandra attacks the X-Men and tries to use Cerebra to wreak havoc. Professor Xavier shoots Cassandra and Emma helps the X-Men during the melee, changing her mind after deciding to leave them earlier. Taking a rest, Cyclops and Jean try to resolve personal and marriage issues while Professor Xavier comes out of the closet to the whole world. On television he announces that he is a mutant.

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G is for Genocide - Part 3 0

In this issue, Morrison concludes the 'E is for Extinction' storyline, by bringing the readers a certainly fitting and enjoyable ending. No wonder he's considered one of the best comic writers ever by some.The highlight of this issue is certainly Emma Frost's appearances. In this number, we find out that she is suffering from a second mutation, although I'm sure if this is the first time we see the diamond form. She goes through great and correct characterization, as Morrison delivers an arrogan...

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60. review. 0

Only 40 to the 100. review. Cool.Well, this the third, final act of the first New X-men story arc. It`s a good ending. Hank and Jean are in Genosha, performing some unsavory responsibilities ( liked that one ). It`s found out that Emma has a secondary mutation ( created a mild, okay-reaction to me ). We find out what`s the deal with Cassandra Nova ( it made her a bit less interesting for me ). Team dukes it out with her ( cool ). Emma has "an epiphany". Nova tries to do something destructive. Sh...

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