kfhrfdu_89_76k's New X-Men #115 - E is for Extinction review

I`m not a big X-men fan and I still thinks rocks.

My project to review the whole series, continues. So does Morrisons era as the writer of an X-men title, which use to be THE X-men-title. For a reason. I mean, Morrison was born to write X-men, which has been, for decades now, a series series that are centered around gigantic crisis`s, that take dozens of issues to be solved. But are still really about the characters, and their relationship to those pesky humans.

In this issue, he does one of those things that I really like. Which is to add crude realism to fantastic settings of this kind of a comic (one of the best things about the ish). The new sentinels, an more or less unexpected death of a character and...IT. Don`t know what I`m talking about? Read the story. Or do you want more reasons to get it? Okay.

New X-men is my faf Morrison-written story (thus far), because it`s some of his best writing. The characters actually feel surprised and shocked at all the crazy (and alot of the times violent) stuff that happens around them. The plots are intriguing, there`s enough focus and pace on the stuff that matters, there`s cool details and the dialogue is snappy. I could list more, but I`m not sure if there`s more to list.

The pencil art is by Quitely, and the inking is done by Mark Morales, who really knows how to ink, it seems. Art has stayed consistent (=very good) from the last issue. Or even improved.

Same for the coloring. The lettering was done by computer, so it`s nothing special.

The only thing that I can say to be a bad thing, is that it`s too short. Then again, I find quick stories, `cause they only give you a little piece of the plot (even if something fantastic would happen in that chapter). A taste. It keeps the story even more interesting.

So, should you buy this? Of course. Should you read the whole series? Well, that`s up to you, right?


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