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Ms. Nova and Donald Trask plot the impending doom of mutantkind. On Professor Xavier’s orders, Cyclops and Wolverine try to stop them while escorting Ugly John. During their mission, the inbound X-Men are attacked and captured by a squadron of wild sentinels protecting Ms. Nova and Mr. Trask. Beast is alerted and tells Professor Xavier, who is resting after Ms. Nova’s telepathic assault last issue.

Ms. Nova betrays Mr. Trask and kills him, taking control of the wild sentinels and ordering them to destroy Cyclops, Wolverine, Ugly John, and mutants worldwide. Cyclops and Wolverine apprehend Ms. Nova, but not before Ugly John is killed. An arsenal of sentinels wreaks havoc in Genosha, killing millions while Xavier, Jean, and Beast watch in horror.

Last Comics Code Authority approved issue.

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G is for Genocide - Part 2 0

As I said in the New X-Men #114 review, what didn't please me was the lack of action. In this "second" issue, however, Morrison starts the comic with planes exploding and lots of shooting. One of my favourite scenes was the one where the Blackbird (X-Wing) crashed in a jungle of Ecuador. The whole thing is perfectly displayed by Quitely and it made me speechless, as Cyclops, Wolverine and Ugly John fell with parachutes like badasses during the explosions. The presentation of the green and waterf...

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I`m not a big X-men fan and I still thinks rocks. 0

My project to review the whole series, continues. So does Morrisons era as the writer of an X-men title, which use to be THE X-men-title. For a reason. I mean, Morrison was born to write X-men, which has been, for decades now, a series series that are centered around gigantic crisis`s, that take dozens of issues to be solved. But are still really about the characters, and their relationship to those pesky humans.In this issue, he does one of those things that I really like. Which is to add crude...

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