kfhrfdu_89_76k's New X-Men #114 - E is for Extinction Part One review

It starts here.

By which I mean, of course, my newest project! I shall review all the New X-men issues. This is a solemn promise. Oh, and to a lesser extent, Grant Morrison started his franticulously fabulous run as the writer of an X-men team, in this issue.

What happens in this one.


What I like.

The cover.

The team is comprised of four of the founding members, and one who kinda needs to be here (Wolverine). There`s Cerebro, mentions of Sentinels, a big class villain and an upcoming fantastic crisis. Classic elements and parts of the X-men universe. But, Morrison being Morrison, as more modern versions. That`s the thing I like most about his writing. He thinks of new ways to portray things.

Readers are brought up to speed on some of the basic things about the series. What happened previously, what the characters are about etc. Not all of it though, which can be confusing to a new reader. But guess what? That`s why there`s the internet.

Dialogue is mostly fitting and witty.

Well, the art is good. There`s some odd looking parts, but about 96 % of the issue looks consistent and great. You might think differently though.

We see a mutant who has no fancy powers. Cool.

A page that has 12 panels!

The coloring is pretty good, but it blocks the art a little, few times.

Pretty neat cliffhanger.

What I think is both good and bad.

The villain. When I read this for the first time, I didn`t know whether I like her or not. She did seem cool, though.

What I don`t like.

It starts with a two page splash, in what characters, literally, just pose. How useless is that?

Ends too soon. But then again, the pages mostly have fife panels or less (which doesn´t mean that enough wouldn`t happen on a page) and there`s only 18 pages of story.

Jeans face looks weird in one panel.

Morrison/Wolverine (or vice versa) mentions that Cyclops mind was ravaged by Apocalypse a while back, which is a bit irritating, since that sounds like a story I wouldn`t like. I`m certain I wouldn`t. Then again, it doesn`t matter much. Morrison uses the effect of this mental attack by an old X-men nemesis, quite well indeed.

All in all...

A good start for the series. But, the issue issue coulda been about 60 pages long (thus, having the whole E is for extinction-arc in one issue), if you ask me. But, who IS asking me?

Not enough to hook you, necessarily, but enough to make you curious about what`s to come. And you should be curious.

Posted by Dark Noldor

The saga that culminated in Cyclops merging with Apocalypse was quite good and the remark was important, because it was very recent, just a little before Morrison's run :) nice review

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@Dark Noldor:

Yeah, I know that. I don`t like those remarks though, even if they`re a necessary evil.

Was good, huh? I`m still skeptic, but maybe I shall check it out one day.

Well, thank you!

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