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Cyclops and Wolverine rescue a mutant (Ugly John) from a Sentinel. Ms. Nova shows Donald Trask how homo sapiens slaughtered the neandertals thirty thousand years ago and then tells him that mutants will do the same to humans within a few generations. Xavier is trying out the new cerebra when a large spike of the mutant genes is spotted in South America. He asks Cyclops and Wolverine to investigate. Xavier hears a voice inside his head that tries to take control of him, but is saved by Jean. Ms. Nova takes Mr. Trask to a Master Mold facility in South America and introduces him to Wild Sentinels.

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G is for Genocide! 0

The New X-Men is certainly one for the classics. In this first issue, Morrison introduces an all-new villain, Cassandra Nova, who has pretty much the same powers as Charles. She attacks Professor X mentally and the whole scene is perfectly displayed by Quitely. In this number, we also see the Cerebra, which is just like Cerebro, but its limit is global.Honestly, I loved their "costumes". There's an amazing dialogue between the X-Men on how they are pleased with their new clothes, as they don't c...

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It starts here. 0

By which I mean, of course, my newest project! I shall review all the New X-men issues. This is a solemn promise. Oh, and to a lesser extent, Grant Morrison started his franticulously fabulous run as the writer of an X-men team, in this issue.What happens in this one.Stuff.What I like.The cover.The team is comprised of four of the founding members, and one who kinda needs to be here (Wolverine). There`s Cerebro, mentions of Sentinels, a big class villain and an upcoming fantastic crisis. Classic...

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