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"CHOOSING SIDES" PART 1 (OF 5) For the young mutants at the Xavier Institute, life will never be the same! The children at the X-Mansion thought they had it tough when Professor X was running things – but now that X-Men Cyclops and Emma Frost have taken over the reins of the school, they're wishing for the simpler times of yesterday! Codenames, school-issued uniforms and mandatory training sessions in the Danger Room are just a few of the changes being implemented around the Institute – but when the entire student body is forced to divide itself up into small squads and "choose sides," Xavier's will never be the same again!

As a new semester begins at the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, there are quite a few changes in store. Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and Emma Frost are now co-headmasters of the school, and they have a different idea of how the school will be run. Students will all be trained to use their powers and be taught self-defense, on top of their regular school classes. The new students, including Noriko Ashida and Josh Guthrie, are given a tour by the headmasters, and Nori begins to butt heads with Miss Frost. Nori also damages her gauntlets unknowingly, and while in the cafeteria with David Alleyne, Sofia Mantega, Laurie Collins, and Josh Foley, her electricity powers begin to act up, causing a blackout. The five of them set out to find the missing piece of Nori’s gauntlet, steal Scott’s keycard to get into the Danger Room where the missing piece was lost during the tour. As they enter, Nori has to release her charge and accidentally causes the Danger Room to activate a program, unleashing a pair of sentinels and a crowd of armed soldiers on the five mutant students. Through luck and teamwork, they manage to beat the program and find Nori’s missing regulator knob. Unfortunately, everything isn’t right, and David tells the others what he saw on the computer screen in Mr. Summers’ office. All the students are being separated into different squads, and the five of them might not want to get too comfortable hanging out. They may be getting broken up …

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The best mutant team here 0

I liked this new team from the beginning think of it. Cyclops co-headmaster it was entertaining and very in it. the teams they made were structually cool with these different powers and new people. it started me on this band wagon like Young Avengers. I wasn't into X-men until this one and i really didnt think at first it was good but then the first couple of pages i was hooked and on the prowl i've only read the first 5 and i plan to hopfully read the rest so that i can get a full understanding...

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I liked it--- Deff made me wanna

A new team of x-men students wooo hooo! But things are going to be changed... now the students won't just be a team learning their powers... but there are classes, teams, and leaders..... and yeah it just gets crazyyy.. I liked this issue bc of the fact that these kids are teens that seem pretty cool, but admitingly some are VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY ANNOYING! i won't give out names :)Anyways it really makes you want to read moree.......... and yeah dont believe the cover! it was supp to be the original...

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