New Warriors WTF

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What the hell is going on i am so lost i mean i havnt read any of the new issues i mean wtf Beak isnt ugly any more and which ones Jubilee im so damn lost. and how the hell did Night Thrasher come back from the dead

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The how of Night Thrasher is yet to be disclosed, Beak lost mutation in the decimation, Jubillee is back at hero work but aided by tech because of her mutation being stripped during the decimation.

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Jubilee is going by Wondra now. She was in the yellow. Beak (now known as Blackwing) also lost his mutant powers in the decimation. I'll probably do a full write up on the issue tomorrow. The way Beak and Jubes can be on the team without powers is "Night Thrasher" gave them devices which give them powers.

Right now, the hook of the comic is the fact that there are lots of questions. They're trying to intrigue you and pull you in.

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alrighty thanks im still wondering who is the girl underneath Beak in the cover of the third issue and who is the one in the far right

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