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Horrible. Just absolutley horrible. One star is being too kind! In 30 years of reading Marvel comics this is possibly the worst story/direction ever. The new Scarlet Spider story had so much potential, this now makes Kaine the laughing stock of the Marvel universe!
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    Not a Bad start. 0

    I felt this was pretty good. It kept the elements that made Scarlet Spider great while at the same time giving everyone else a bit of time to develop on panel what their doing. The plot leaves you with a mystery wanting more. It's not flawless but it is good. I couldn't wait to read the next issue when I finished reading this one....

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    New Warriors V4 001 (2014) Review 0

    This comic isn't too bad, but it isn't all that great either. This issue is like all of the new series from is mostly about set-up introducing the characters and setting the conflict. Some might comment that there are too many characters,but I think that they can make this work and plus I like teams with many characters.What I don't like about this comic is that it keeps showing massacres or keeps mentioning them.Jesus, remember when things were simple and fun. There's no mention of the team fro...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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