question about the NEW MUTANTS

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Some questions:

- Is ILLYANA gonna have the SOULSWORD as a necklace around her neck now ?

- Once ROGUE will have absorbed all powers and every personalities from LEGION's mind, will he have no more powers, and ROGUE will keep all of them ?

- Always no indications on what ILLYANA made in the future, and why she had arrows in her armor?

- SUNSPOT does not always seem to be able to fly in this series, while in others he's be able to make it (it is damage I liked well this) but he always can him?

- MAGMA also, in one others series it seems me to have seen her flying (I am not mad you know ) but I prefer that she can't. her power are connected to the earth, so it make no sense. Can she fly too ?

- Is CANNONBALL always an EXTERNAL and can he can always project his thermo-kinetic energy into powerful concussive blasts ?

- Since KITTY's been dead or lost in space, I definitely like to see again LOCKHEED with MAGIK, where is he ?

Hope long live to this serie

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Woo, a lot of questions! 
- Why would Illyana have the Soulsword as a necklace when she can absorb it into her body?  It was Dani Moonstone who used to re-size her spirit lance into a necklace :)
- Well, aside from the fact that Rogue isn't a member of the New Mutants... She isn't absorbing the personalities into herself, but helping to siphon off/restrain the excess energies while the X-Club (God, I hate that name) maintain the neural pathways that contain the personalities inside those transparent cube-like prison cels.  I don't have the issue to hand, but it was essentially a collaborative effort that was destroying the Legion personalities.
- Not yet.  I must admit, I was disappointed that wasn't resolved since it seemed connected with the Legion story... but I guess it's soemthing we'l read in about 6 months to a year (I know Zeb Wells has plotted a couple of story arcs in advance). 
- Sunspot has been seen flying in Uncanny.  Apparently this is something that Zeb Wells has planned for, and will address in a story in the near future (I read that in an X-Position interview with him). 
- No she can't.  The closest thing to flying would be to create a tower of lava which she could stand on top of.  She can still use her powers if someone is carrying her in the air, or if she's falling through the air... but she can not fly on her own.  Firestar can, and other fire users... but I think most writers have stuck to the same logic that you've used; she's connected to the ground, therefore it's best to keep her grounded :) 
- Technically, yes he is.  During Mike Carey's run on X-Men the Children of the Vault acknowledged the fact that Cannonball can't die.  However, that said... Zeb Wells has stated that this is not an element of the character that he wants to explore.  Therefore, it's doubtful that it will be addressed in the new new new New Mutants. 
- For Lockheed's whereabouts, I suggest that you read Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers, and the up-coming SWORD series :) 
Agreed... I hope this series lasts many years :D

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Just to add a couple tid-bits to xerox-kitty's excellent post.  
~ Rogue does not normally keep powers she absorbs from other mutants permenantly (her early encounter with Ms Marvel was different because Ms Marvel was part alien) , it is likely once the procedure is complete Legion will regain the use of his abilities. 
~ Sunspot's clone Reignfire (from the original X-Force series) was shown as having the ability to fly, (which made no sense to me, but...) so it is probable Roberto can develop this ability as well.
~Magma has a very limited use of her powers from the air, seemingly dependent on the amount of lava she can store up around her body. Obviously, whomever is carrying her has to have some measure of invulnerability. 

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Don't forget that Rogue also has control over her powers now, which she never had before!  So she could only guess that being exposed to a person for longer periods of time would result in gaining their powers & personalities longer... While she does still have some time limit that goes with that, she can subdue the other personalities and even know how long she has left to use their abilities :)
Well, Sunspot used to be able to fly.  He hasn't flown in the newest New Mutants series, but was seen flying around San Francisco during the "riots" at the start of Utopia.  So it seems he can still fly.  I just hope that Zeb Wells can do a decent job of cleaning up after Fraction.  I never thought about Reignfire, or how he was cloned from Sunspot before Sunspot discovered he could fly... so it does seem strange that a clone should achieve greater control of his abilities more quickly.   
Then again, I never thought it made sense why muscle characters could fly.  Both Sunspot & Warpath discovered they could fly under the same circumstances: caught in a tight spot during a battle they lifted in the air and pretty much said, "Oooh! I just realised I can fly... weeeeeee!".  Well, maybe not with that much sarcasm :p 
The best example I can think of with Magma is the air was when the New Mutants were racing against the Hellions to find Bird Boy/Bird-Brain.  Magma was forced to ride on Brightwind, and did cause some minor burning to Brightwind.  Cannonball's blast field has always protected him in the past.

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MAGMA is shown flying in XMEN 198 where she skips from an helicopter with her boyfriend (the 2 figures fly) and in SECRET XMEN INVASION also flying with SUNSPOT.
THE NEW MUTANT #5 show ILLYANA going out of her meeting with the Doctor KRAO with a small sword in pendant around the neck, where from my question to know if it was the SOULSWORD (I wouldn't like this idea )
Another question than I settle, is to understand why THE SOULSWORD can be kept physically by other person than ILLYANA RASPUTIN????
In my memory, her sword was a kind of extension of her soul. Much later it was revealed that the sword was just the beginning of her magically strengths. then It was revealed by Dr. Doom that THE SOULSWORD granted leadership of Limbo, and the armor was, by right, the protection given to the owner of the sword.
But remember that it's a magical symbol/weapon.
So why MARGALI SWARDOS, DOCTOR DOOM and AMANDA SEFTON, WITCHFIRE, BELASCO et SYM has been able to hold this sword without being covered with the armor which accompanies it???
(The armor of AMANDA SEFTON in the serie MAGIK was,'t really the same  that the one of ILLYANA RASPUTIN, but rather seemed to be a kind of costume since she always carried it in NEW X-MEN when she comes back on earth to announce the return of BELASCO, at this instant there, she was not any more in possession of the sword )
And why NIGHTCRAWLER and WARREN WORTHINGTON not having any report with magic could also hold it without being covered with the armor too ???
The only explanation having been given up to now was for SHADOWCAT, for which we know that ILLYANA by magic and the link which joined them, allowed KITTY to be able to hold the sword. And by consequence to be covered by the armure which accompanies it (as see in UNCANNY X-MEN and EXCALIBUR)
In my memory, the sword appeared as if by magic, accompanied with the armor and often in the presence of sorcery!!
The confrontation for which I waits between WOLSFBANE and CATSEYE come due to the fact that the deads being supposed to come back in NECROSHA does not seem similar to what they used to be, otherwise CYPHER would not be on the side of SELENE and THE HELLIONS! CATSEYE  will have therefore have nothing more with the nice girl that we had known as well as TAROT.
The only confrontation between WOLFSBANE and CATSEYE was in the serie AGE OF APOCALYPSE, clash which was in no way intéressant since WOLFSBANE  knock out CATSEYE very fast. I would like to see this confrontation because I liked the rare times when it arrived those between FERAL and WOLFSBANE (now that FERAL is dead does not any more risk arriving) And then a girl who is transformed into dog, must have his opposite with a girl who is transformed into cat! (just kidding... I know the difference between a wolf and a dog, and between a cat and a purple lion )
As regards to the envoutement thrown on EMPATH by PIXIE, in the new serie THE NEW MUTANT #1, when the team goes in search of MOONSTAR and KARMA, during trip in BLACKBIRD, ILLYANA offers to MAGMA to remove the spell which prevents EMPATH from covering view... But nothing more since and in the preview on the serie NECROSHA, this one still seems blind.
To end, let us forget CANNONBAL's EXTERNAL side, but let us come back rather on the power. I me recall not to have seen again him cast his thermo-kinetic energy into powerful concussive blasts trought his hands??    
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Let me make one thing clear about the soulsword: the sword was forged from a piece of Illyana's still intact innocent soul but with the motivation for revenge (which I don't think Illyana is the type to seek vengeance unless she's under the influence of her evil side) and forget everything what you read about the soulsword from Excalibur, the sword was never evil and was never meant to be with Amanda Sefton. As for the soulsword pendant around Illyana's neck, it's just the artist's interpretation as an accessory.

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Please do not copy & paste your exact same answer in two threads.  You started them both with different questions, but turned them into duplicate threads.  So please just create one thread in future.  And there's no need to write character names in CAPSLOCK.
I don't have 198 to hand and have never read Secret Invasion.  In 198, I think it's the (soon-to-be-dead) boy friend who was carrying her.  I can't comment on Secret Invasion, but it's either not Magma or the writer/artist made a mistake. 
Fashion accessory.  Artistic interpretation giving her clothes & accessories with a sword theme.  The Soulsword has never been shown to change size. 
Inconsistant writing.  Originally only Illyana could hold the Soulsword.  She would summon it when she needed it.  It didn't randomly appear just because there was magic around (don't confuse it with Sting from Lord of the Rings which would glow in the presence of orcs).  The eldritch armor would often accompany the Soulsword, but was separate from it.   
Then Kitty could as well if anything ever happened to Illyana.  The Beyonder defied all the rules regarding the Soulsword & snatched it from Illyana, then when he purged the darkside of her soul the Soulsword & eltrich armor appeared on Kitty.  After Illyana died, it appeared in Kitty.  However, along the years the rules changed, and the Soulsword became a symbol of rulership over Limbo.  That wasn't the intention of the Soulsword, it was the pinnacle of Illyana's magical strength.  So in it's re-written role, it was then passed to Amanda Sefton, Nightcrawler, and even Witchfire (I think)... You have to remember that different writers change the rules to whatever they desire.  So the revelation that ownership of the Soulsword is a new retcon. 
I don't know when Angel held the Soulsword, but Nightcrawler used to be Amanda Sefton's lover.  When she was deposed from her rule in Limbo, she sent it to Nightcrawler.  Again, a plot twist written to suit the needs of the writers at the time.  Bad writers don't follow continuity.  
I don't understand what you're implying about Necorsha, Wolfsbane, Catseye, Cypher & Tarot.  I've already explained that Wolfsbane will be in X-Force, while the Hellions are in New Mutants.  So it is doubtful that Wolfsbane & Catseye will clash.  I've also already explained why the resurrected characters are forced to follow Selene's orders: the programming in the transmode virus (that Eli Bard stole from the Magus sample) forces them to act against their will.   
I still don't fully understand what you mean about Empath, Pixie & Illyana.  Illyana was taunting Magma.  However, Zeb Wells has at least the first year's worth of issues plotted out, so I'm sure he will pick up on it in future.  Empath has also been seen in the Preview for Necrosha. 

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it's ever been implied that only Illyana and Kitty can hold the soulsword because in one scene from issue #46 of the NM classic when the demons placed Illyana on an altar, one of them were holding the soulsword, but then again Claremonts writing can be inconsistent at times so who knows?
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@244: It wouldn't surprise me that Claremont messed around with the logic of the Soulsword.  I know the scene you mean, and I think it came after the Secret Wars II when the Beyonder snatched it from her.  Illyana was genuinely amazed that he could hold it.  Yet now she passes it around freely, and let Karma kill psychic personalities with it (which is weird, since it doesn't kill).   
Hell, I remember when Illyana could use magic on Earth, but Claremont rewrote that to 'only in Limbo'.
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Did they make tarot dead again? I remember she was brought back in X-Force and she was with King Bedlam. Did they just cast that aside and make her dead once more?
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I think she's still alive.  I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned in interviews, but for the life of me I can't remember in what context it was.  But I wouldn't object to that stuff from X-Force being conveniently forgotten...

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When I first read it I thought they were trying to make her an External. I was against that, but then they moved her over into limbo and it's a waste of an interesting character. Also, I don't understand the reason Berto, Sam, and Curly Top(magma)'s powers are messed with so much. It's lame. They should just have them be exclusive to the New mutants book so they can get set straight again.
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You were right about the soulsword part that only Illyana and Kitty can hold it but I think it can be justify that the more it's used in earth the more solid it becomes as like a regular weapon as well. What do you think?
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@xerox-kitty said:
" @244: It wouldn't surprise me that Claremont messed around with the logic of the Soulsword.  I know the scene you mean, and I think it came after the Secret Wars II when the Beyonder snatched it from her.  Illyana was genuinely amazed that he could hold it.  Yet now she passes it around freely, and let Karma kill psychic personalities with it (which is weird, since it doesn't kill).    Hell, I remember when Illyana could use magic on Earth, but Claremont rewrote that to 'only in Limbo'. "
LOL! In New Mutants # 8, she willed it over to Warlock. Illyana, Kitty, Daytripper, Darkoth, Doctor Doom, Margali Szardos, Belasco, Nightcrawler, Pixie, the Soulsword gets "willed" around a lot!

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