New Mutants Casting Call

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Who would you pic to be the characters? 
 My picks are :  Julia Jones as Moonstar, Cam Gigandet as Cannonball, Alex Meraz as Sunspot, Ryan Carnes as Cypher, Adrianne Palicki as Magma, Lauren Yung as Karma, Kristen Bell as Magik, and the voice of Wentworth Miller as Warlock 
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I thought Kristen Bell as Magik... Although, would this be a current incarnation, or the classic younger New Mutants? Also, I haven't seen most of these people, so can they actually act? That is the most important question.

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more current since wolfbane isnt there, and i picked kristen as magik since magik seems to be the focus these days and kristen is better known, i have seen all of them except moonstar and sunspot....they are appearantly both from the twilight movies......the cannonball guy was in the first twilight movie but i know him more from the OC, and some fight movie i cant remember the name of it, the cypher guy has been on general hospital, dr who, desperate housewives, and a mini series of his own on scifi channel, the girl for magma has been on smallville, supernatural, one of the stars of friday night lights (tv show not movie), and she was in last year's science fiction movie LEGION, the girl i picked for Karma was on battlestar galactica and on cw's attempt of melrose place
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I think it's better to focus on the original five of the New Mutants for now and then have some more characters join in for the sequels.
As for Magik, there has been so much baggage from her past that she would need to have her own movie for that, but if she needs to be in a New Mutants movie, she's going to have to be depicted as a foreign exchange student (she is from Russia after all) and as a mere teleporter. I think it's mandatory to have a young actress from Russia to portray as Illyana (or at least it's my opinion anyway).

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Love the idea for Kristin Bell as Magik... that would be hottttttt :P 
I'm not big on Karma's choice of actress though :\

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Visually they look fine for the parts, haven't seen the acting of some these though.

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@Warpath Storm:
I totally think you Nailed this one...It's perfect.  I would not cast it any other way.  Good Job. I've seen most of this actors in the series and they are good.  If only Marvel would ditch that awfull  X-Men movie and move on to New Mutants that would be AWESOME!!!!!
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Good choices, but I like Hunter Parrish as Doug, and Amanda Seyfried as Illyana. And I believe Roberto has some African blood in him...but I don't know of in Afro/Latin actors, so your choice is good. And Karen Gillian would make a good Rahne I think.

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Too hard, I'll have to get back to you on that one. 
This would've been easier if it were the 90's but young actors that are actually good are hard to come by.

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