pspin's New Mutants #47 - Fight The Future, Part 1 review

New Mutants #47 Review

New Mutants #47 Review


Spinning directly out of the last story, reality starts to change and the team has to stop it.

The Good:

The writing by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning is once again great, the story is a little complicated but that is alright. The basic premise is that reality has been screwed with and mashed up so that things that were supposed to happen didn’t, like John Lennon being alive and Schism was only a minor disagreement. (I think.) The story is interesting enough and shows off Abnett and Lanning’s way of taking an old concept and putting a bit of a spin on it.

This book is at its best when the team is just sitting around being normal and the opening scene in the restaurant shows it. The part where Nate Grey talks about how he has shifted through reality enough times to really mess up his life (his dad only being 10 years older than he is) to try and cheer Doug up about the alternate future from the last issue.

The Bad:

The art by Felix Ruiz is about 60-40 bad, sometimes it looked good but sometimes it didn’t. Some of it stems from Val Staples colors in combination with the pencils but the other part is that the panels get cluttered with motion lines and odd designs that take up space instead of a background.

For some reason when I read the last two lines, I could not feel the emotion in them and it made me laugh. Not a bad thing per say but they were supposed to be emotional.


Good writing combined with okay art makes an alright issue, nothing was majorly terrible but the art was a little distracting at times. Overall it was something fans will enjoy but don’t expect greatness. It is unfortunate that this series can’t keep the momentum of the high points like issues 37 or 41.

3 out of 5


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