pspin's New Mutants #46 - Fear The Future, Part 3: All Present and Correct review

New Mutants #46 Review

New Mutants #46 Review


The team fights Truefriend and deals with the consequences.

The Good:

I will not lie, this issue really didn’t stick out the way that others in the series have; the book really soars when the team is doing regular things like Magma’s date or the party in Madripoor, but when the action really picks up it can fall flat.

The story itself is interesting as it puts a slightly different spin on time travel, the same person cannot occupy the timeline at the same time, and this is exploited a bit but something just doesn’t click. The writing by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning is good, as it always is; it is informative but natural without being boring.

The art by Leandro Fernandez is also pretty good, particularly the action scenes. Fernandez is able to project a lot of the kinetics that a fight between mutants would entail.

The Bad:

The thing that really made this story fall flat was Cypher. While he is a nice guy and interesting when used correctly, he has been the focus of two out of the last three arcs and he simply is not a good enough character to do that. When he is on a team with people like Dani Moonstar and Nate Gray and Blink, he falls to the bottom of the interesting list really fast. There is not a lot of variation of what you can do with the guy and they have done a lot of it recently which makes this issue, even though the art and writing were good, fall flat.


An interesting concept, good writing and good art are bogged down by a bad theme/execution and character focus. If the series can move away from Cypher for a while it will breathe life back into the series and hopefully reach its potential more consistently.

3 (2.75) out of 5


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