matkrenz's New Mutants #34 - Blink and You Miss Her review

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Review for New Mutants.

Story: The teams settles in to their new home and investigate Blink's appearance's.

Thoughts: I am not an X-Men expert in any way shape or form. I know of their important storylines and famous runs by top notch creators but the only x-team I cared about was X-Factor seeing as how they are in another sub-genre of crime noir but New Mutants are easily going to become my number two x-book. What DnA are realized with the Regenesis is that there will be plenty off people will want to start with some new books and they are taking their time to give us a new direction for the team that makes sense in context with Schism and show-off what each of the characters personality's. Also seeing as how Blink is an even more of an obscure character they do a smart job to make her a mysterious figure that we as readers want to know more about her. Also I love the fact that the villain for this arc is a black metal band, you would think with how much crap metal has gotten over the years more people would do this. I know that DnA aren't demonizing all of metal but you readers know what I mean. As for David Lopez's art I like it, it's a nice full style that make people look like people. Also I have no idea if this is going to be a subplot but I really like the idea of their neighbor spying on them.

Verdict: NM is a very accessible to readers who know next to nothing about X-Men lore and it has a good villain motif. This is a buy.

Also if you get the reference you get 5 brony points.


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