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Not what I was expecting

Then again, sometimes that's not a good thing. This issue was...unsatisfying, to say the least. It held together, and it's not that it was bad or anything, but it wasn't the kind of story one's come to know and understand when reading the title. Now, while that's not bad per se, the issue is in the fact that there were some instances of characterization that didn't quite fit.

For example, Nate doesn't seem to recognize the term 'par-tay'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a decent portion of X-man take place in New York? One that looked (and sounded) a hell of a lot like Earth-616 New York? How would he not recognize that?

Secondly, Doug seems to have suddenly become a font of wisdom of sorts. Looking back on how he's been portrayed since the beginning of the New Mutants title, this is...well, very new. It feels like the writer is trying to make him seem almost robotic, which, arguably, could make sense.

What I found particularly strange is the fact that Sunspot is cycling back into his 'I have money! Lots of it!' phase again. Didn't he grow out of that at some point?

And since when is Blink all personable? Did coming back from the dead give her a confidence boost?

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