sixsoda's New Mutants #34 - Blink and You Miss Her review

On the Blink

I loved the Exiles, old and new it was always a good series, but I'm a sucker for Elseworlds. Blink was sort of their leader, a girl who can port and throw a good port knife. I was both saddened by her death and happy to see her back to the living. I have been waiting for a bit of a spotlight on the Blinker and this is what we've been waiting for. Regennesis didn't stop Unfinished Buisness and that relives me. I was worried that all we would get out of it was Skinny Cable. The book starts and ends on Blink center stage. Most people I know are very unfamiliar with this character, and they got a good display of her powers. No one said anything outright, and it's up to you to figure out why she is blinking about and I love that challenge. We get to see the New Mutants settling in to their new place, bit of roomatey neighborly fun. They are setting up that there will be friends and foes in this neighborhood and moving to SanFran won't solve all their problems.

The Good

Blink is back, and that's good news in my book. Danny is still the main focus of this book and her narration is clear and cut.

The Bad

The book hit all of the marks, I just wish they would have given a little more information about who Blink was and where she came from.


Yes, New Mutants is one of the better X-Books, if your not a fan I would come in here.


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