caladbolglight's New Mutants #33 review

Troops, Move Out!

I'm reviewing all of the Regenesis books.

The Story:

The New Mutants ponder whether this is a good idea.

Karma talks to Grim about her ideas for Regenesis. She says that she has decided to go to Westchester, for that's where she feels Face should be. Amara and Bobby discuss where they want to go. Bobby, as usual, is trying to pull the moves on her. Warlock and Cypher discuss they're ideas as binary. Cannonball talks to Mr. Grim as well. Hope and X-Man are in a Danger Room session while he talks about what he'll do. He complains about being powerless, but Mirage shows him that he still has some power left. Mirage assembles the New Mutants to discuss what to do. She asks Mr. Grim for his advice too. She then confronts Cyclops with her idea.

The New Mutants move into 1128 Mission Street, San Francisco, California. Cyclops interrupts them with a target: Blink.

The Good:

The characters. They're all fairly amusing, and the idea of them all moving into a house together reminds me of reality T.V., which is amusing enough. Nice to see Karma and Cannonball thrown in there too, as well as Face.

The Bad:

Everyone but Dani Moonstar looks really wack. Warlock's everything, Cypher's bone-structure and green track suit, X-Man's ridiculously muscled chest and lack of shirt, Magma's eyes, Sunspot's lips. There wasn't much story, and the dialogue wasn't thought-provoking enough to make it hold its own.

The Verdict:

Meh. Won't be picking up the next one, that's for sure.


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