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New Schism

This issue takes the New Mutants into an interesting New direction. The New Mutants has always been a strange team to me, it's not all mutants and some of them have been around for a while so where dose the New come in. This issue reminds us that it's not just a team for the green horns of the group but it's also for those who need a new start. Even with the re-opening of the school and Utopia we have 2 teams that are still stuck in the past. Moonstar sees this and knows where they need to go. It's great writing by Andy Lanning and there is no one who I trust better to take the reigns for this book. I do however wish that the artist who dose the Cover would do the internal art. This book to me feels like what Bat-girl is to the Bat family of books. It's a team connected to the major players and they aren't that far from the wheel house to be considered stand alone, however, you don't need to be read The X-men, Uncanny or otherwise to be able to follow this team. New Mutants is one of the series that got me reading comics again and it's always been one of my favoritism. Because of financial reasons I have had to drop a few comics off of my pull list, but this with Avengers Academy will never leave my list. I recommend this as a good point to jump on, or just keep reading.

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