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Making This Team Relevant Again

I read comics in the late 90s - focusing on the big names they sold at Incredible Universe's newstand (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man) and then I started up again in May of this year. So I really don't know who the New Mutants are. (I haven't taken advantage of the awesome comic encyclopedia that is Comic Vine) They say in this book that they were the first team assembled after the original team. So I guess they're older than the kids introduced in Grant Morrison's New X-Men and Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. Most of those kids don't have a team as far as I know. Then there's the newest team - Gen X. So how does this team deal with Schism and Regenesis? In, what I feel, is the best way.

They don't have loyalty to Wolverine or Cyclops since they are their own team. So they settle somewhere else. Granted, where they settle is a spoiler. But I think it makes sense within the universe. I also think it helps make this team more relevant to new readers. They will explore mutant issues outside of both Westchester and Utopia.

I thought it was a very well written issue that makes the New Mutants compelling. I think I'm going to grab the next issue and if it remains fun, I'll add it to my trade paperback list. (Only because I don't have infinite money or I'd consider subscribing to this one too)

If I had just one eency little issue with this issue, it's the cover. I thought the girl on the hood of the car was some demonic member of New Mutants. No, it's Dani Moonstar, the native american, with ... red skin..... yeah....

Posted by ElCapitan

To be fair, everyone on that cover kind of has red skin. Moonstar's is the most red, though.

Posted by djotaku

@ElCapitan: Yeah, it wasn't a huge thing. Just odd.

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