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Color Me Interested

First off just let me say this was the best issue of the New Mutants in some time. Its a good jumping point for the uninitiated and as the title says a new direction for those of us already familiar with the title and the characters.  To start with the covers and the variants were all good and eye catching.  I espically enjoyed the Marko Djurdjevic cover with all the main characters.

I really liked the way the story opened with the urgency on the team send after the Nimrod fragment . With all the trouble the X-Men have had in the past with Sentinels, Nimrod and Bastion it was good to see them take this seriously and nip a threat in the bud. At the same time I also enjoyed how Cyclops manipulated virtually all of the X-Men that would protest or interfere with Illyana being put into custody as she can no longer be trusted  as she previously put all the X-Men at risk using Legion to destroy on the Limbo elder gods/demons. The discussion between her and Cyclops was quite good at illustrating what she did and why she did it, while at the same time showing why Cyclops and the other, mostly more experienced X-Men would have a hard time trusting her in the future.

It was nice the see some continuation of the budding romance between Dani and Sam. They have known each other forever and it was good to see the kiss a few issues ago was not just a gimmick thrown in fr shock value and that it might lead somewhere. The real meat of this issue, aside of Dani becoming leader was Cyclops intention to use them to tie up loose ends the continue to dog the X-Men. This is an interesting and clever new slant to a teams general mission and I look forward to what comes of it.

One other thing, as an X-Man fan I am glad to see him comeback, even for a little while to the X-Men. It would be interesting to see how that goes and seeing the Sugar Man at the end was cool.

Overall I would rate this issue a 4.5 out of 5


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