rickyd410's New Mutants #11 - The ties that bind 5 of 6 Shy Girls review

A must read!

This issue needs to be read. It was beautifully written, and really powerful at some points. The narration was excellent; it's what makes this story so fun and powerful. There wasn't much dialogue, and most of the story is in flashbacks, but everything still feels just right. It was so interesting to learn Laurie's origins in comparison to Rahne's.

Despite the time hopping and story switches, the pacing is excellent. Everything flows just the way it should. The story is so organic in the way Rahne's story blends into Laurie's. Its really great at the end where both stories meet each other and merge straight into the present.

The art is really nice as well. We see some different takes on the New Mutants and Baberi is really great at showing all the right emotions.

Posted by Renascence

This really was a great issue.

I miss this New Mutants series during the team's more innocent times.

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