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After waking from a two year long coma Telepath decided to form her own superhero group to take after her parents. She recruited her long-time friends Kid Quick and Motherboard and adds on Ghost’s sidekick Scout, self-styled vigilantes Quake and Singe and the grandson of a renowned hero, Michael. None of the powered teenagers had ever been on an organized super team before so their first night of training was more disaster than progress. After almost giving up on the first night the entire team stays around to try and work through their difficulties.

The team after Annihilgator

After training together, more successfully than their original run, for only about a month the team runs into their first real adversary. After a break which consists of a round of bowling, they hear that a creature called Annihilgator and his minions are terrorizing lower east Madison City. They suit up and dive in only to learn that training isn’t the same as the real thing. After a long and exhausting battle the New Guard wins but only by the skin of their teeth. Only Michael makes it out uninjured. The local authorities thank them for their work but ask for registration, a topic the team hadn’t yet discussed. The first stirrings of dissension since the original personality clash begin to show but the topic is soon forgotten.


The New Guard's public popularity grows as they save a mall from a team of gothic looking Uniques soon named the “ Goth Girls”. Despite their media attention, the girls get away to commit crime another day. Despite the wayward Uniques on the loose, the team goes to a karaoke bar for a fun night of relation and conversation. Before their night of fun is over though, something goes terribly wrong. The Goth Girls show up again and kidnap everyone but Kid Quick and Singe. The youngest two start a search for the rest of their team and the Goth Girls reveal parts of a master plan. The Girls seem to be using the New Guard against Teen Force 3, a media-frenzied team of Uniques while also leaving their more sadistic members do as they please. Singe and Kid Quick try to find out who the Girls are with the help of Kid Quick's father, Speed. Their only lead, Jaqueline Pryde, seems to be a bust but Kid Quick uses the connections her father has to trace down where their friends are being held. At the same time everyone escapes their holds just as the Goth Girls' plan seems to be coming together. Kid Quick and Singe find their team just in time to fight the Girls at their strongest. An all out battle ensues: both sides put their all into bringing the other down. The New Guard barely pulls ahead but the walls come down on the Goth Girls, literally and figuratively.

As the team still recuperates from the fight and everything the Girls put them through, Motherboard spruces up their headquarters and springs a surprise barbecue on them. Despite the party, an argument on registration and the team dynamics starts as sides begin to form. Leaving the decision as a “to be continued,” Telepath appoints Scout as her co-leader because of his natural skill. He agrees but also refuses to leave his responsibilities to his mentor, Ghost. Despite their fame and positive public appeal, police still attempt to arrest the New Guard for their unlicensed crime fighting. The arguments start again over registration as Jack continues to hold his stance against it; Telepath, for it. All gloves are off as the team fights over the issue; half want to register if only to stay legal while the other half refuses to bow to the government. Just as things get heated Telepath offers another plan: try and get a special arrangement from Washington.

Just as they set up to meet Countryman things start to go haywire. The entire plan was a set up from Countryman to have the New Guard stop Taskforce. Now the New Guard have a bigger enemy than ever: the entirety of Taskfoce. A battle royal leaves injuries on both sides as everyone is pushed to their limits. Telepath and Kid Quick fight family friends as the others have their own hands full with trained soldiers. After all is said and done the New Guard make it out alive, as does the President who was the main target. As the press celebrates their victory, Kid Quick finally gives the team it's name: the New Guard.

Everyone smile



Telepath (Hope Sage) – co-leader

Scout (Matt Smith) – co-leader

Motherboard (Nikki Carter)

Quake (Jack)

Singe (Jason Klyne)

Kid Quick (Katie Flynn)

Michael (Michael Collins)    

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