Were The New Gods Ever Worshipped?

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Besides Darkseid being worshipped by his slaves, were any of the New Gods ever worshipped by any race of beings in the DCU?

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You've read too much fiction, Arnicus. Gods are not dependent on their worshipers; worshipers are dependent on their gods.And the New Gods? We're as old as time, constantly remade, constantly reborn with each turning of the wheel.No worshipers? Fool!!! Look about you! Each time a mortal turns on a computer, puts a piece of bread in the toaster, opens a door, strikes a match, or wonders at the stars......he worships at the altar of the New Gods.

- Orion #24. Make of this what you will.

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I could see Barda being worshipped.

Can you?

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@PowerHerc: Yes, yes I could see her worshipped...by me

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@OmegaTheDestroyer: Well now there are two of us devotees to Barda. How many before it's a religion? Lol.

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@PowerHerc: Three...oh, would you look at that...I'm your third member ^^

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@sinestro_GL said:

@PowerHerc: Three...oh, would you look at that...I'm your third member ^^

Glad to know it!

Barda doesn't get enough love.

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It's not been shown in anything I've read with the New Gods.Them being gods have always been ambiguous to me because they aren't gods like the Olympians are ..or so it seems.It's like they are just cosmic powered aliens.The Olympians for example are forces of nature or represent forces of nature rather.They bestow abilities to mortals.They are worshiped.No matter what when you see one you know its about to hit the fan.Barda has a house in New England,not too god like..lol.I do love the New Gods though.

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