Jack Kirby's The Fourth World

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This is something I never understood. Can someone help explain this to me? What exactly is "Jack Kirby's Fourth World"? I believe it's where the New Gods reside but is it in the same Universe as Earth or in a different one? If its different how do the heroes teleport from their universe to the New God's? I tried reading it on wiki but it didnt help much so I figured I'd come to the best source and ask the people.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: I'm not exactly sure, but the way I've always understood it is that the Fourth World is all the way on the other side of the universe near it's very edge (the Source Wall). That's why it's only accessible by way of Boom Tube or possibly magic. I've read a pretty good amount of New Gods and New Gods-related stuff over the years and based what I've read, that's the way I see it. I could be wrong though.

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Green Lanterns have gone to Apocalypse without the aid of a Boom Tube.

I thought the Fourth World referenced the age of gods they were in. Between the New and Old gods but i could be wrong.

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