How powerful are the New Gods?

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Like compared to Superman or Thor or whoever, just how powerful are the following characters:

  • Orion
  • Big Barda
  • Mr. Miracle
  • Lightray
  • Metron
  • Granny Goodness
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So I guess you all are just as clueless as I am.

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(FTBB walks in)


The original versions of the New Gods were absolute beasts, and all have some degree of superhuman durability and strength. Orion and Barda were up there with SA Superman in terms of strength (though Orion is a bit stronger than Barda). Not to mention that Barda has the energy manipulating Mega Rod, and Orion has his Astro Harness and Astro Force (think a much weaker Omega Effect)

Mister Miracle can basically escape from anything, literally anything, and his tech is probably the most advanced of any tech-hero in the DCU.

Granny Goodness is just the Furies Commander, so take that as you will. In terms of combat power, she's nothing special, but she is a skilled tactician.

Lightray can travel FTL, and is basically highest tier in terms of energy projection, without entering matter manipulation territory.

Metron is on par with The Doctor (from Doctor Who).

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LOL at the entrance song (which I totally played while reading your post)

Thanks for the answer!

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