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From the ashes of the Old Gods' realm, two new worlds came into being, New Genesis, and it's dark mirror, Apokolips. For untold ages these two worlds have been in conflict. A war that now threatens to include the Earth, as well. In the skies over Apokolips, a contingent of New Gods, led by Orion, come in search of Darkseid. While the other New Gods run interference against Darkseid's forces, Orion reaches the throne room, only to find it empty, save for Metron. According to Metron, Darkseid has established a beachhead on Earth's moon. The New Gods traverse the distance via Boom Tube, to discover an entire lunar city, sequestered on the dark side of the moon. The city appears deserted. In an abandoned control room, a computer screen displays the names of six humans, all of whom are believed to possess some element of the Anti-Life Equation. The New Gods split up to make contact with each of the six humans, before Darkseid comes for them. Orion journeys to the Strategic Air Command base, in Colorado. His presence draws three United States Air Force fighter jets. Orion proves more maneuverable than the jets, easily dodging their strafing attacks. Orion destroys one of his pursuers' jets with the Astro-Force, then maneuvers the other two into a cliff face. All three pilots ejects to safety. At last, Orion makes contact with the man he came to see, Brigadier General Maxwell Torch. Meanwhile, Forager stealthily makes his way into a secret government complex, known only as "The Project". There, Forager makes contact with a scientist, one Donald Bradford. Forager tells Bradford that hidden within the deepest recesses of Bradford's mind is one-sixth of the Anti-Life Equation. Should Darkseid discover it, he will use it to enslave all life. Half a world away, in Alaska, Lonar makes contact with Nomak. In Metropolis, private investigator Dave Lincoln returns home, to find Jezebelle waiting for him. In New Orleans, Metron makes contact with Lorraine Hampton. In San Francisco, Lightray adopts a more human disguise before calling on Viet Nam veteran and drug addict, Richard Roe. Orion explains the situation to Brigadier General Torch, only to be met with skepticism, and ultimately, arrest. Orion escapes the military police, and exits the Strategic Air Command base, to formulate a new battle plan, before approaching Torch again. From afar, Darkseid observes his son's progress and prepares for the inevitable conflict.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman & Robin Birds of a Feather (inside front cover).

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