Exclusive: Your First Look At 'NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising' Previsualization Video

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A lot more goes into the process of creating a motion picture than you or I might realize. Sometimes it can be kind of hard to wrap your head around that idea since, well, we're all so used to seeing the finished product at the very end -- but before you can make an intricate movie with a big budget, you have to get the funding first. And that's the part that takes convincing with the use of a film's pre-visualizaton. A pre-visualization is, essentially, the film's story board in motion. In fact most do it, and you can see an example of one here. The pre-visualization is what filmmakers use to piece the film together; to figure out how it will all play out -- particularly with action scenes. It's also a tool that many filmmakers use to get funding for their film.

Today, we're pleased to introduce you to 'NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising,' a new motion picture currently in pre-production based on a graphic novel by Chris and J.D. Matonti that will be directed by J.D, and produced by both Chris Matonti and Julia Coppola. You may recall the series which was distributed through Marvel Comics back in 2008 -- this film is the next part of that series. The filmmakers gave us an exclusive sneak peek at the Pre-visualization for the upcoming live action film that will star actors Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical, Smallville), Ayla Kell (Make It Or Break It), Jaimieson Price (The Patriot) and more.

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While most pre-visualization footage doesn't give us an in depth look at the emotions or the nuances of the characters, this one does. The actors recently filmed this pre-vis scene at Depth Analysis, the same studio that filmed L.A. Noire using 32 high-definition cameras. This equipment allowed the director to actually direct the actor for the pre-visualization of the film. This is the first time that this MotionScan technology has been utilized in a pre-vis of any movie, giving us a feel for the director's vision and the overall pre-production process early on.

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While it's hard to tell what the actual movie will be like since the film will be live-action, the pre-visualization we've seen introduces us to the premise of the story in general. It's also interesting to follow the production of a film so early on in the process. What do you think, though? Do you think that the pre-visualization for this upcoming live-action movie looks interesting so far? What about the process it took to create the Pre-Vis Sneak Peek? Check out the full press release for the Pre-Vis below. For more information about 'NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising,' be sure to visit the film's official website.

NEW YORK 2012: A.P.N.G. Enterprises debuts PREVIS SNEAK PEEK of the upcoming feature film NEW-


New York, New York, June 12, 2012 – The first Previsualization Sneak Peek of the upcoming Live Action feature film NEW-GEN: DEADALUS RISING debuted today. The “Previs” video, viewable here, brings to life the storyboard for the film combining revolutionary facial capture technology and Previs animation for the first time. A.P.N.G. Enterprises, (The Association for the Protection of the New Generation), the creators of the film, teamed up with Previs master David Dozoretz from Persistence of Vision to create this unique, one-of-a-kind, storyboard treatment. The Previs Sneak Peek allows viewers a unique opportunity to grasp Director J.D. Matonti’s creative vision for the film. According to Matonti and Dozoretz, while Previs technology has been used to describe how to set up a scene for production purposes since 1996’s Mission Impossible 2, NEW-GEN: DEADALUS RISING is the first time that groundbreaking new MotionScan technology for facial capture has been utilized with Previs creating a “trailer-like” experience. This Previs Sneak Peek allows Matonti to showcase his vision for the live action film early in the process without the need to spend millions on visual effects, sets, and locations.

A.P.N.G. Enterprises utilized the talents of actors Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical, Smallville), Ayla Kell (Make It or Break It), and Jaimieson Price (The Patriot) to bring to life four of the main characters from the film for the Previs Sneak Peek. Filmed at Depth Analysis (L.A. Noire) studios, the actors were shot using 32 high-definition cameras to capture true-to-life three-dimensional performances and then animated into a virtual New York City landscape. Using live actors allowed Matonti to actively direct and allowed the filmmaker the ability to capture the emotion and nuance that each actor brought to their character as they delivered their lines and action. Actor Lucas Grabeel who has the challenging role of playing twins Chris and Sean for this Previs Sneak Peek, can be seen behind the scenes of his shoot here discussing the impact filming had on bringing his character to life.

NEW-GEN: DEADALUS RISING is the epic story of twin brothers, Chris and Sean, who have extraordinary abilities which have made them outcasts on their adopted home planet of Earth. Living in New York and trying to suppress their powers, the twins, with the guidance from their friend Carmen, come to realize their true origins are in NEW-GEN, a Utopian world that exists in another dimension. For generations on NEW-GEN, humans, strange creatures and robots lived harmoniously, side-by-side and worked together for peace. But now a battle has erupted on NEW-GEN, focused around advanced nanotechnology. Two superhuman scientists are ensconced in a war: Gabriel, the former guardian of the twins and founder of NEW-GEN, and Deadalus, a despot capable of transforming entire dimensions into nightmarish landscapes. The twins andCarmen find themselves on the front lines of a Nanotech War which could destroy both Earth and NEW-GEN. With Carmen’s help, they unleash their spectacular powers and fight to bring an end to the war andto Deadalus.

NEW-GEN: DEADALUS RISING is directed by J.D. Matonti, produced by Chris Matonti, and executive produced by Julia Coppola. The film is based on the NEW-GEN comic book series created by the Matonti brothers and Julia Coppola and distributed through Marvel. A.P.N.G. Enterprises will release NEW-GEN: DEADALUS RISING in 2013.

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Is like I don't care at all :ll

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...Skynet is coming...

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julia coppola related to the director coppola?

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This seems like a TV movie.

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This is like if we got a napkin with the bat symbol on it signed by christopher nolan back in 2002... doesn't really tell us anything about what the final movie would look like...

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Interesting........ isn't Mark Hamill working on this project too. Color me excited.

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that first video looked... soo..... crappy. the graphics, the animations.... that voice sincing... it all seems so amatuerish. if this is just an in development thing where the final copy will look so much better, then why release this crappy video at all?

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This new technology looks great! I cant wait to see how the film turns out. It's so nice to see the creators pushing the boundaries of technology and doing something NEW. It is very refreshing. Great Job New-Gen!

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I'm so excited, this is a great comic. If this is just a rough sketch, imagine what the polished product will look like! I think it's cool of new-gen to let us in on what happens during the beginning stages of a big sci-fi project like this. So the animation isn't perfect, it's not the animation that matters, it's the idea. Can't wait!

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this is like looking into an artists sketchbook. its rough but theres inspiration in there. I wonder how Luke Skywalker is connected to this. is he the bad guy? I'm on pins and needles to find out. its cool to jump on board in the beginning of this hopefully there will be more updates. i want to see what this is like polished up. also TWINS ARE HOT!

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Just can't get HSM out of my head when I see Lucas there. Sorry, lol he ruins this for me.

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Looks so terrible

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@The_Red_Blur said:

Looks so terrible

Wholeheartedly agree.

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Cool. You need to be a leader, not a follower! But always be heard, and take what wisdom you can from it..

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