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The organic materials in New-Gen were found to be in balance with the technological advances made by Gabriel’s efforts. This balance is why nanites can be created in New- Gen but not in other dimensions. New-Gen is a lush and magnificent land, with orchards and forests sitting amid shining eco-friendly skyscrapers. Highways of light and flowered plazas allow the diverse citizenry of this world to congregate and wander as they please. The people of New-Gen live in peace and in harmony with the natural world. Vibrantly colorful skies that always seem like sunset in the American Southwest shimmer with light from New-Gen’s two suns. New-Gen is one breathtaking vista after another.
Everything in New Gen is environmentally sustainable. Personal helicars and robots are de-rigueur and while technology is omnipresent it is power. Nanotechnology combined with New-Gen’s resources keeps the world in perfect balance.
Gabriel’s hope is that his success on New-Gen will serve as an example with which he and his compatriots can create similar sustainable societies in other worlds. While it is ideal for Gabriel’s research, New-Gen was a land all its own before he arrived, a land of mystery and prophecy. It seemed to reach out for Gabriel and the destiny he brought with him. Many of these legends and prophecies are still being told, their secrets only now being revealed in the actions of heroes today.
New-Gen is a vision of hope turned into a reality.  

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