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This is the start of the NEW-GEN Universe. The struggle between Gabriel, savior and father of the modern world of NEW-GEN and Deadalus, native son and believer in using their advanced technologies to turn NEW-GEN into a world where no one can get sick, hurt or die again.
Soon the two men, former friends, are at odds due to the fact that Deadalus has unleashed a strand of the nanobots upon the world of NEW-GEN and it has begun mutating the citizens. In a brutal battle, Gabriel is forced to banish his former friend to the Underworld, a place between dimensions so that he will no longer pose a threat to NEW-GEN, and that Gabriel himself can begin to help its people deal with this new turn of events.
Gabriel quickly establishes a school for the protection and teaching of those affected. He also makes the decision to send his two sons, Chris and Sean, away to Earth to protect them least Deadalus return or the nanobots affect them in ways even he can't predict. This put he and his wife, Thea, at odds as she does not believe sending away their children will guarantee their safety.
In the meantime, Deadalus in the Underworld has encountered creatures, known as Metalmites, which seem capable of eating and devouring anything put before them. Somehow with Deadalus' own nanobots he possess the ability to influence their actions and quickly sets forth on finding a way to escape his current prison and find a way back to NEW-GEN where he can destroy Gabriel and continue his work.

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