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Double the alternate reality action this month as two issues of New Exiles bring us two tales from two different universes! First, in issue 4, Sabretooth, Psylocke, Rogue, and new ally Gambit are caught in the middle of a war between the Atlanteans, Queen Ororo, and the Black Panther. Plus, whatever happened to Mystiq? Find out in the conclusion to the series’ first arc! Then, in issue 5, a new tale begins as we see the trouble Morph, Sage, and Cat run across in a world of royalty and dragons!

Reality-hopping action as only the New Exiles can deliver!

In the Crystal Palace as the others are away, Sage spends her days fighting contstructs non-stop. Morph and Cat watch as she fights for hours. Cat makes it pretty clear to Morph that she doesn't really care for Sage. When he calls her on it, she says she hardly knows Sage so why would she not like her?

Shortly in the Observation Room, Cat is working the computers with ease. Morph is amazed at how quickly she's taken to them. Cat says she just has a knack for machines. Suddenly there's a spark and the room is indundated by numerous images of Cat, apparently from different realities. She is getting sucked into a vortex (or "rabbit hole" as Morph calls it) and he jumps in after.

In Sage's room, she's taking a nice bubble bath and enjoying a drink when she, somehow hears Cat screaming. She's not sure how she'd be able to hear them but grabs (a tiny) towel and runs to see if they're okay. In the Observation room, she catches the tale end of Morph and Cat being sucked into the vortex and has no choice but to jump in after her teammates.

In a strange new world, Morph is pleased to see Sage's little towel. Cat is dressed in a gaudy pink dress and can't seem to get out of it. Phasing doesn't even work. Soon they find a man on a dragon fighting several men with swords. A choice is made and the Exiles decide to help the man with the dragon. The fight goes on and Sage seems to have no problem fighting nekkid. It turns out the man is of royalty and has fallen in love with the dragon during a right of passage where he was supposed to kill the dragon. His mother isn't too happy and is the one that sent the armed men after them. The Queen sends another man named Venger out to kill the dragon.

Cat goes through some changes again. Sage wonders how she is accessing the other dimensional versions of herself. She wonders if it has something to do with Cat or something to do with this world. As Cat freaks out, Sage tries to calm her. They are both surprised that Sage is using telepathy to "talk" to her. Sage thinks to herself that this isn't possible. Charles gave his word she'd be able to control it. They all wonder what is to come next on this world.

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