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The battle lines have been drawn! Captain Britain’s most powerful enemy has declared war and is building an army. An army that now consists of New Excalibur’s first foes, the Dark X-Men! Part 3 (of 7)!

In the recent past, Sage, in disguise as Diana Fox, was accepted by Albion to be one of his Shadow-Captains. It took days of proving herself, but she was finally part of his inner circle, so she was now close enough to take him down. First though, she had to figure out how.

Currently, in a hospital in London, Nocturne is still in recovery for her seizure. She’s having trouble reading and writing, but she continues to get better the more she practices. The same goes for more difficult tasks like juggling. She tries a few times and fails, but says she won’t give up until she gets it right.

In Crossmore, Britain’s ultimate security prison, Excalibur takes on Shadow-X. While punching out Cyclops and Jean Grey, Captain Britain notices that it looked like they were about to attack Lionheart. The rest of the team sticks to the typical battle talk and Wisdom complains about the “snappy patter.” Shadow-X’s Angel picks up Cyclops and the team leader shoots at Lionheart and Captain Britain. Things turn around and Shadow-X starts getting the upper hand in their fight with Excalibur, but it doesn’t last long. Dazzler takes down Angel and Cyclops who fall (to their deaths according to Jean) alongside an unconscious Captain Britain. While the fight goes on, Lionheart flees the battle, but feels guilty for abandoning the heroes to Shadow-X. As Excalibur recovers, Jean uses the last of her strength to throw Beast at the escaping Lionheart, but Juggernaut catches the mutant and holds him up as a shield when Iceman fires on him. Dazzler and Wisdom turn on Iceman and take him down with lights and hot knives while the rest of the Captain Britain gets back to his feet and wonders why it looked like Lionheart ran and why Shadow-X was about to attack her before the team had gotten there.

Elsewhere, Albion and his Shadow-Captains, including Sage, fly towards a secret base where her loyal to Albion would be put to the test. Once inside the base, Sage discovers that it was a place even she didn’t know about, and she makes a note to fix that problem. The base is guarded by British soldiers and tanks, but Albion’s amazing strength was enough to destroy most things with one punch of his fist or slash of his sword. However, he was still mortal and the troops stationed at the base were trained to take out super humans, so it was a good thing Albion had backup of his own. Sage protected Albion during the firefight and when the smoke cleared, Albion and his captains were applauding her. He tells her that he owes her his life, but he also says that he’s not sure if she was saving him or them. He tells her that she is clever, and while he is not, he always wins and that she should remember that. He then leads her to a room where he plans to show her how he’ll win the war ahead.

Leaving the Crossmore prison, Wisdom checks his palm pilot and sees what’s going on at the secret base.

At the hospital, Nocturne continues her treatment. She begins therapy on her legs by walking up stairs. After she wears herself out going up just once, the doctor asks her if she wants to quit, but she says she’ll give it another try.

Back at the base, Albion and Sage walk into a room filled with gold coins and items. Albion picks up a strange object while Sage wonders if she’s been found out and contemplates attacking Albion now, while they’re alone. Just then, Lionheart runs in, forcing Sage to wait. Lionheart tells her leader that Shadow-X betrayed them and had planned to use her body as a host for Shadow King, but fortunately she had killed him. Albion says that he’ll hear it all later, but right now, he is about to achieve victory. He opens the object he picked up, an ornate tube with something inside of it, and says that he and his few captains are up against the technological might of this age. Behind him, Sage decides that, whatever happens, Albion has to be stopped, but Lionheart sees her preparing to attack and moves to stop her. Before she can, they all hear helicopters in the distance. The helicopters fire missiles and while everyone else is paying attention to that, Albion takes out a glowing blade from the tube and stabs it into the ground and lifts it up. Sage reaches for Albion but touches the blade, and something happens to her and she appears to pass out in his arms. The light from the blade grows and seems to fill the room. Outside, the helicopters and their missiles fall harmlessly out of the sky. Across the city, lights go out and all technology stops working. Lionheart steps over Sage’s body, now on the ground, and asks Albion what he’s done. He says that his spell had robbed the world of all their technology and magic, reducing them to a simpler, more basic age.

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