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Captain Britain faces his darkest foe. ALBION has come to save Britain, and in the process, destroy a world!

Nocturne is on the ropes, Juggernaut’s in love, Dazzler sings the blues, Wisdom sells MAX books, and Sage is stoically beautiful.

In London, Talia continues her therapy a month after her stroke. She tries typing for the first time and is frustrated that she cannot make her body do what she thinks in her mind. She also continues lifting weights to build up her body strength. She feels like half a grown-up and half a baby. Juggernaut comes to take her "out" to lunch. Talia tries to be positive knowing that there are people worse off than she is. Finally she gets Cain to tell her what's on his mind. He's been thinking about Albion and Lionheart. They have no records of Albion and Lionheart hasn't been in action for too long. He figures he can try to contact old associates of his to gather information about what they are up to. Talia questions whether or not they will still talk to him now that he's switched sides. As Juggernaut continues to talk to her, she blanks out for a moment seeing a hawk in the sky with Cain's head. Cain snaps her out of it but she says she doesn't know what happened. Cain worries that he was pushing her too far and takes her back in.

In another part of Britain, Albion and Lionheart meet with Ms. Scicluna. She was able to find them by using her resources at Black Air. She has brought Shadow-X with her, dark versions of the X-Men from another time line. They would like to free their mentor. They figure that if Albion helps them with that, they can help him in return against theri mutual enemies, Excalibur. The dark Jean Grey tries messing with Lionheart's head. She asks if she's Albion's pet and has decided to maker Lionheart her own pet. Lionheart turns around and puts Dark Jean in her place, shutting her out. When they leave, Albion congratulates Lionheart on pushing Jean out of her mind. He had given her a device that would help to keep telepaths out. He also reveals that he only plans on using Shadow-X to defeat Excalibur. He figures that as they fight, Excalibur will be distracted and unaware that the two of them are also involved. He says that then they can take over the world as they embrace and kiss.

In North London, Cain talks to an old friend named Rollo. As they drink beer and talk, Rollo conveys how his lads would not be happy if they knew he was talking to Juggernaut. He's meeting with him as a favor to Black Tom. He tells Cain that Albion seems full of rage and hatred. He's tempted to leave London but this is his home. He tells Cain that Albion is looking for people that lost their powers on the "M-Day." He's offering them a chance to be reborn. He hands Cain a paper that will get him into the location.

Later, Juggernaut and Dazzler are practicing at their base. Wisdon watches on and gives critiques on their form. Dazzler seems to be doing well unitl Juggernaut is able to grab her and would be able to give her a death blow.

Wisdom heads to the kitchen where Brian and a blonde are sitting at the table. He pours himself a cup of coffee then realizes the lady had a gun. He yells to Brian and prepares his dagger knives but the lady already has the drop on him. Then he realizes that it's Sage with blonde hair.

They discuss the plan. Sage will be going in alone. Pete isn't too keen on the idea because they will have no way to contact her. She says it's the only way and that they can't leave Albion running around. That night, Brian walks Sage nearby to the location of the meeting.

At the British prison, Shadow-X and Lionheart have easily entered the facility. They tear open the cell leading to where their Professor X is being held. When Lionheart asks them what the plan is, they say to take vengeance on theri enemies, starting with her. They grab her and the Shadow King makes his presence known as Xavier is bound Hannibal Lector style. As the Shadow King is about to enter her mind, he discovers that he can't get in. She then places a device on him that creates an energy field that seals him in the body of Xavier. If his body dies, so will he. Shadow King scoffs at this. He says this isn't the first time he's been challenged. She tells him those days are over and stabs him in the chest. The Shadow King is dead. She turns around with her sword asking who's next when Excalibur makes a grand entrance ready to take them on.

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