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Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the robots with "more than meets the eye" collide! Symkaria and Latveria sit on an international powder keg, and Dr. Doom just lit the fuse! What do the Decepticons have to do with the escalating danger -- and can a group of warriors including Captain America, Optimus Prime, Wolverine, Prowl,

Spider-Man and Ratchet avert Armageddon? Writer Stuart Moore (WOLVERINE) and artist Tyler Kirkham (X-MEN: PHOENIX–WARSONG) assemble and roll out two fan-favorite forces!

Iron Man enters and the Autobots gain and edge over the still stronger Decepticons. Luke Cage and Ratchet go searching for Spider-man after they find a break in the force field, but run into Megatron. Meanwhile, the battle still rages betwee, Autobots and Decepticons. Optimus converts some of his energy into Iron man's suit, giving him 158% power capacity and appears to finnish the decepticons. The battle ceases however when Doom and Megatron say they are holding Spider-man and Cage hostage. Megatron then doublecrosses Doom and blows him to bits...and enters outside, setting up the ultimate showdown...Iron Man vs. Megatron.

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An interesting twist on the marvel universe 0

I picked up all three issues of this comic and have been colecting them sence the story is well done but i belive there overdoing there abilitys. the decepticons are draining powers from the heros so it kinda bothers me. and i see a drop in the quality of the cover art of these comics as they go forward, the cover art of number 1 was amazeing but i find this one less than par and number 2 even lower. the story is geting interesting with the use of megatron but im gonna have to see where it gos f...

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