What I'd like to see happen to the New Avengers line up

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Although I like the idea of both books and consider myself to be a Spidey fan I feel that he's in just too many team books, same with wolverine.  Both of them are great characters but maybe a couple new faces to the Avengers teams could turn up on the roster instead.  Those being...

Toxin: to replace Spidey.  Toxin, I feel needs more face time and he seems like with enough writing and a fair chance he could fit with the New Avengers.  He has many of Spider-Man's powers but some cool different ones too. 

Gambit: to replace Wolverine.  Huge fan of the Ragin' Cajun and I just think it'd be awesome for him to end up on an Avengers team, heck if Beast and Wolverine can get in wouldn't it be cool for Gambit too? He feels like he might fit on this team, but really doesn't replace Wolverine, but maybe if given the chance he'd prove valuable.

Bottom line, just suggestions that's all, and I realize why Spidey and Wolverine are one two teams, that's not the point, just a thought, I mean I'd pick up the book again easily if these two were in it.

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Spiderman and Wolverine will be in every book that Bendis writes. Even in the new Moon Knight series he'll have Spiderman and Wolverine personalities. I'm not very familiar with Toxin but he sounds like an interesting character. I'm a huge Gambit fan as well and I think he has the skill set to be a Secret Avenger, but I doubt that will ever happen.
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Toxin sounds like an interesting choice...


Gambit... I'm not to sure about... unlike you I am not a fan of Gambit... I would have prefered to have seen Gambit in X-Force!

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@The Sadhu:

I've heard several people pitch the idea of Gambit joining X-Force, but I personally feel like its way out of character for him to join a killing squad--especially since he's trying to be a positive influence in the life of X-23 these days.

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I hope to see Toxin again too, not necessary in NA lineup.
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Hell yeah, it would be awesome for Gambit to join New Avengers, especially so considering it's a street based team.

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i would like to see gambit join the secret avengers as the series seems to be a bit more covert than other series. this would really fit with gambits character i mean hes a thief the most covert x-men besides shadowcat and maybe wolverine.

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i would love to see Gambit in the avengers
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Yeah Gambit rules

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hybrid for the new avengers.

 bring him back marvel !  he's a cool character.  

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