Unscripted Review: New Avengers #1

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@leokearon said:

" Why do the new Avengers get the Mansion and not the proper team?  Also what is the point of having two Avenger teams in the one area since the new Avengers are now legit "

I am not sure but I think there are 2 teams, actually more than two, because Steve Rogers (instead of something like SHIELD or HAMMER) is making all the heroes agents.  So its like SHIELD was replaced by the Avengers and all the Avengers on the various teams are agents.  The Heroes are policing the world now, which is why Cage had a problem with Steve's offer.
About the Mansion, I think they are just trying to bring back things that people miss and loved.
I feel like they are trying to bring some fun back to the Avengers comics.  Thats why I like the Heroic Age, it feels fun.
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@Joey Ravn said:
" I liked Logan's "powers". I liked that scene in a "it's so auto-parodical it loses its logic and becomes hilarious" way. "
Yeah, that was great! My fav part!
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@humanstruggle said:
" @Dipic: @Krakoa: I'm not defending this title by any means. I havent and wont be purchasing it.                                      Im just tired of the thinly veiled disdain for just about everything Marvel.  "
I can respect your opinion, but personally I don't think they have a personal disdain for Marvel, but a lot of Marvel's recent decisions. They were both optimistic about Joe Quesada's promotion when it happened, despite a lot of fans protesting him receiving any more power in the company. At least we can agree on the simple fact that this particular issue is probably not worth the time of day. 
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y'all forgot about X-Force, Wolverine is on at least 5 teams. And u didnt mention the AWESOME art by Immonen.  

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@The Impersonator said:
"Why is this issue no.1? Shouldn't this issue be no. 65? Or is this Vol. 2 of the New Avengers series? "

Putting a #1 will make it seel more.
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Thing could throw wolverine away just like Collossus did with the fastball special , would be cool
Dont get why wolverine is here , while he is in the future...sheeshes marvel do something about continuity

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It would have been cool if these guys became the New West Coast Avengers.  They could move those guys to LA or something, wherever the former team was at.  That would make the Thing and Spider-Man and Wolverine being on the team harder to explain...
Wait, Wolverine is on the team.  Isn't he in San Fransisco and now in New York?  Thats a lot of travelling!

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Sounds like an annoying storyline. Hilarious score change.
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Too much Avengers. Too much Wolverine.

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Yeah if you all hated it SOOOO MUCH why did you rate it a 3 and 2.5???   
I am new on this site and I gotta say this woman "Babs??" can sometime look so sexy and other times look so different.  One day she is drawn by McNiven and another by Romita Jr. 
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LOL @ the irony of Babs saying "overuse of a character" with a Deadpool comic behind her...

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 drat...and i was gonna buy this issue..but im having second thoughts now...    

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I couldn't be any less surprised that this is pants. Why the hell do all these different teams even exist. I really wanted the Heroic Age to be good. So far it's really not going that way.

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it's a shame this was such a dissappointment 
I really like the line up, but I'm not sold yet 
let's hope #2 is a big improvement
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not a fan of this team, but its the only thing ms. m is in right now...damn spider-woman takin her deserved slot in avengers

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I think what Marvel needs to do is if a character is on one book, keep them there.  Maybe let them have their solo book, but keep Wolverine on one team, keep Spider-Man on the Avengers and put a different Avenger on the New Avengers.  I don't mind the continuity thing,  no problem with me.  Its just what Babs said, Its just marvel trying to sell more books.  Or it seems that way.
I do however like all the Heroic Age stuff, its fun so far.  I may eventually cut down on which I buy, but I like them so far.

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Didn't Pym remodel the Avengers Mansion in Mighty Avengers? Maybe I'm wrong, but I seem to remember him using Avengers Mansion as a portal to his "Infinite Mansion" or whatever. 
I am also at a loss as to why you have a team full of people who are already on other teams & in other books. Besides, when you have Luke Cage on the team with superstrength & invulnerability doesn't the Thing become superfluous? It just seems like New Avengers is Bendis' personal sandbox to play with his favorite toys rather than a worthwhile team of its own.

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the only reason i am reading this book is because ms. marvel is in it. i think everybody being on ten teams at one time is ridiculous. too much exposure. hawkeye is going to be on both teams and work with mockingbird in their book? plus spidey and wolvie in both teams. and cage is in the thunderbolts. i think ms. m should be with the main avengers team and spider-woman should be with the new avengers. they fit her style more. new avengers needs to be a team where you cannot see their members in fifty different books.
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@doitmikestyle1:    Oh, wow, you need to check yourself. That's just stupid and unnecessary. 
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steve obviously paid 4 the tower with funding
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i  really liked this issue but some very valid points were made in this review 
things i agree with 
"multitasking" Wolverine-i mean jesus christ  pick a team already. 2 teams is fine but 4!!!! 
New Avengers 
Steves note-what he fuck  so u cant just tell  the dude to his face b4 u send him over there 
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I'll probably look at this one since Spiderman, Wolverine, and Ms Marvel are some of my favorite Marvel characters. As for Victoria Hand I didn't know (Since I'm new to getting back into comics) who she was so I read up on her and there doesn't seem to be anything about her that I could like. I hate the ultra patriotic person who can be completely wrong but because of their conviction they are given a pass when jail time should be in order.
P.S: This shouldn't be new though since they have Zarda who's a avid murderer on the Ultimates team. lol

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